FROMM Family Remedies for DOGs Whitefish Canned Digestive Support 12.2oz

FROMM Family Remedies for DOGs Whitefish Canned Digestive Support 12.2oz

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When to Use Fromm Family Remedies

Fromm Family Remedies aren’t something you’ll use as your dog’s primary food. Instead, it’s good to keep some cans on hand for times when your pup needs a little digestive help.

Think of it like a digestive “band-aid.” You don’t always know when you’ll need it, but you don’t want to be caught without it.

Times when Remedies will be most useful include…

  • When your dog has symptoms of upset stomach, diarrhea, or constipation. Of course, if your dog is ill or their condition is getting worse, you’ll want to seek veterinary care. But if they’re otherwise acting normal and just having a bit of digestive trouble, Remedies can help
  • While transitioning to a new food
  • During times of stress, such as boarding or traveling
  • If your dog is taking a medication that upsets their stomach, such as an antibiotic
  • If needed, Remedies can be used as a supplement long-term (but see below for instructions)

How to Use Fromm Family Remedies

You can feed Fromm Family Remedies directly to your dog—most pups love the taste!

Just keep in mind that it’s not a complete and balanced diet on its own. It’s designed to be used as a supplement.

During times of digestive distress, you can replace up to 80% of your dog’s regular food with Remedies in the short-term. Gradually reduce this amount after 2-3 days.

If Fromm Family Remedies helps your dog and you’d like to use this digestive aid long-term, simply replace up to 20% of your dog’s daily food ration with one of the two Remedies recipes.

Note: If your dog has food allergies or is on a prescription diet, it’s best to check with your veterinarian prior to feeding anything new.