PETKIT 5 in 1 Mixed Litter 3.6kg

PETKIT 5 in 1 Mixed Litter 3.6kg

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The Tofu Cat Litter is an all-natural plant-based clumping cat litter made of food-grade soy pulp, making it safe for your cat and environmentally friendly. The litter is completely flushable due to its high solubility, also making it ultra-absorbent and fast drying!


Easy to Use:

With 2x more absorbent than regular cat litter, the Tofu Cat Litter doesn't need to be changed as often as regular litter and is much easier to clump and clean. The litter locks urine odors naturally with no chemicals or artificial additives, making it safer for your cat and the environment.


Anti Bacterial:

The Soy Pulp substance has the ability to complete instant adsorption and agglomeration in 1.5 seconds, decreasing the likelihood of bacteria build-up. With a low humidity level, the litter prevents mildew and bacterial growth caused by moisture, creating a refreshing and healthy environment.



The Soy Pulp substance contains activated Carbon molecules that provide constant deodorizing and freshness, through non-toxic fragrance allowing you and your cat to breathe comfortably. 








主要成分:豆腐渣、玉米粉、活性炭、膨潤土、植物纖維、進口瓜爾膠 保存期限:24個月 特色: .豆腐砂、膨脹土砂、活性碳、除臭因子、貓砂伴侶神奇比例組合 .強大吸水性,快速凝結不沾黏 .高硬度、不易踩碎,避免粉塵產生,呵護貓咪呼吸道 .2mm小顆粒,比一般貓砂更加舒適 .超低含水量,不易受潮發霉,讓愛貓乾爽如廁 .優質原豆及無脂玉米粉製作,日常使用更安心 .可分次倒入馬桶,清潔輕鬆方便

注意小事項: ★貓砂請乾燥保存,避免放置於火源、陽光直射、高溫或潮濕處。 ★如要更換貓砂品牌,建議分次比例逐次更換。 ★請分次少量沖入馬桶,避免堵塞。 ★貓砂本身含有除臭效果,但還是建議每日清理,讓主子有良好環境。