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simple ingredients, pure ingredients

made fresh & pure

taste dogs love

Simple Pure Ingredients

Made with ingredients you can read, pronounce, and trust.

Made Fresh & Pure

Made fresh & pure means more RAW protein and nutrients packed into every bag.

A Taste Dogs Love

With nothing to hide, our aroma, freshness, and taste is locked in.

sitting dog with PureBites

Key Features


  • Go ahead, turn the bag around and look at our Ingredient
  • Made with only 1 ingredient: 100% pure USA sourced & made human grade RAW chicken breast
  • 100% natural, pure and easy to digest without any added preservatives
  • On average 3 calories per treat and high in protein
  • Ideal for dogs with health issues or pets that are overweight, diabetic, have allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, or are on a restricted diet
  • Made using a delicate freeze drying process that preserves the nutritional integrity of RAW fresh whole food. Only water is removed, preserving all the characteristics and natural nutrition of fresh RAW human grade chicken breast


  1.4 oz 3.0 oz 6.2 oz 8.6 oz 11.6 oz 18.5oz
RAW Chicken Breast per Bag (before freezing) 5.0 oz 0.6 lbs. 1.4 lbs. 1.9 lbs. 2.6 lbs. 4.1 lbs.
Approximate treats per bag 58 123 254 330 479 730

Raw Chicken Breast

freeze dried chicken

Chicken Breast Dog Treats

Made Fresh & Pure - Step 1

In our refrigerated kitchen, RAW human grade chicken breast is cut into our dog treats. Still frozen, our chicken breast is placed into our freeze drying chamber.

Made Fresh & Pure - Step 2

Once in the chamber, temperatures are brought down even further, and ice is gently removed from our chicken breast through sublimation in a vacuum. This method forces the ice to transition into vapor and water is gently drawn out of our treats. From start to finish, our freeze drying process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Made Fresh & Pure - Step 3

Once complete, delicious morsels of pure RAW freeze dried chicken breast are removed from our chamber and placed into our bags for your pups to enjoy. Our freeze dried chicken breast treats have all the aroma, texture, nutrients, and freshness locked in that dogs crave and pet parents love.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.) 74%
Crude Fat (min.) 3%
Crude Fiber (max.) 1%
Moisture (max.) 5%
Calories per kg 3,709
Calories per treat 3