Hurricane Fur Wizard Fur & Lint Remover Set

Hurricane Fur Wizard Fur & Lint Remover Set


Pick Up Fur & Lint With Ease!

It’s 'im-paws-ible' to clean fur and lint from your clothes. Hurricane Fur Wizard is an extra-large double-sided lint brush that bids 'fur-well' to fur. Thousands of micro-bristles line each side of the lint brush and grab fur, hair, and lint from your surfaces like little fingers. Fur Wizard’s extra large size allows you to capture more fur and lint in a shorter period of time.

Your tape lint roller wastes sheet after sheet and refills are expensive. Fur Wizard is a completely reusable pet hair remover. It has a self-cleaning base that removes pet fur, hair, and lint, which collects in a removable base clip. One dip and your Fur Wizard is instantly clean! Remove the base clip to dispose collected hair in the trash. Stop going 'mutts' over pet hair with Hurricane Fur Wizard.


  • Cleans up twice as much in half the time
  • Just one dip in the self cleaning base and both sides are cleaned
  • Thousands of micro bristles act like fingers to grab fizz and fur
  • Use over and over again, no refills are ever needed saving you money
  • Purrrfect for pet parents & guardians
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

Includes Hurricane Fur Wizard Lint Brush, Self Cleaning Base & Mini Fur Wizard With Base.